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  • Continental Eco contact 6

    Continental Eco contact 6


    Протектор: Eco contact 6

    Размеры: 235/55R19XL

    Есть в наличии: >4

    В течение 1 р. д.
    Цена/шт: 140,76 €
  • Farroad Frc78

    Farroad Frc78


    Протектор: Frc78

    Размеры: 275/50R20XL

    Есть в наличии: >4

    В течение 1 р. д.
    Цена/шт: 89,25 €
  • Maxtrek Relamax 4s

    Maxtrek Relamax 4s


    Протектор: Relamax 4s

    Размеры: 215/65R16

    Есть в наличии: >4

    В течение 1 р. д.
    Цена/шт: 48,99 €
  • Gremax Capturar cf19 XL
    Хорошая цена!

    Gremax Capturar cf19 XL


    Протектор: Capturar cf19

    Размеры: 245/45R18XL

    Есть в наличии: 2

    Теперь только для 55,00 € !

  • Marshal Mh21

    Marshal Mh21


    Протектор: Mh21

    Размеры: 185/65R15

    Есть в наличии: >4

    В течение 1 р. д.
    Цена/шт: 41,75 €
  • Radar Dimax 4 season

    Radar Dimax 4 season


    Протектор: Dimax 4 season

    Размеры: 215/65R16

    Есть в наличии: >4

    В течение 1 р. д.
    Цена/шт: 38,68 €
  • Neolin Neowinter

    Neolin Neowinter


    Протектор: Neowinter

    Размеры: 225/50R17XL

    Есть в наличии: >4

    В течение 1 р. д.
    Цена/шт: 49,98 €




UAB BERIVA nuo 2020 02 12 Tapo Oficialūs Wheelforce Ratlankių atstovai Lietuvoje. OUR WORK OUR VISION OF PERFECTION BEHIND EACH BRAND IS A STORY Wheelforce Gmbh is located in the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. We connect many years of knowledge in the field of alloy rims with process-optimized working methods and high quality customer service management. After yearlong international retail and distribution of many well-known alloy rim brands and after gathering highly valuable experiences in the market, we decided to create our own vision of high-end alloy rims. We are proud to introduce you our own FLOWFORCE collection of exclusive high quality alloy rims created with precise German quality standards. We from Wheelforce GmbH aim at creating powerful wheels, which are uniquely designed and even exceed the strict quality standards of the TÜV GERMANY by far. WF WHEELS - RIMS OF THE HIGHEST LEVEL Our alloy rims are the results of years of experiences in the tuning sector, modern FLOW FORMING technology and creating exclusive designs. We are creating alloy rims that set new standards in the automobile market. Wheelforce has developed unique designs which are guaranteed to be globally exclusive and of the highest quality standards. Extreme weight optimization, deep concave spoke designs, strong load ranges and perfect finishes are important foundations our exemplary wheel. INDIVIDUALITY Individuality is extremely crucial for us. Thanks to the latest machines and steady quality control of our quality management, we can guarantee extra-ordinary finishes for our alloy rims. We develop new finishes and programs with an eye on the latest trends, which give our products the last touch. .

UAB „Beriva“ yra oficialus Axe ratlankių atstovas Lietuvoje!

Mūsų parduotuvėje/servise galite įsigyti: Z-PERFORMANCE, VOSSEN, AXE, WSP ITALY, LENSO, VEEMANN, ISPIRI, BJ-Wheels ir Japan Racing
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